Welded mesh

Different Types of Welded Mesh Finishes to Enhance Structural Integrity and Longevity


Discover the different types of welded mesh finishes to enhance the durability of your project, from galvanised welded mesh to stainless steel and PVC-coated. Welded mesh has become indispensable across construction and landscaping by providing reliable, robust and long-lasting structural solutions for various projects.

Gabion walls - Hickman & Love

Are Gabion Walls the Best Solution for Your Landscape Project?


Discover if gabion walls provide the ideal structural solution for your needs. Learn all about the advantages, costs and general construction technicalities. Gabion walls. Distinct in appearance and reliable in structure, these caged enclosures are steeped in history and offer various structural solutions for civil engineers, builders and landscapers alike.

Universal Beams - Hickman & Love

Why Universal Beams Are Ideal for Global Construction


Read this blog to discover why universal beams are a go-to structural solution for numerous large-scale construction and civil engineering projects.  Anything with “universal” in its name should be known for its accessibility and versatility on a global scale. Hence, since they entered the market in the late 19th century, universal beams have become one of the most common choices for various construction and civil engineering projects worldwide.

Retaining Wall Panels - Hickman & Love

The Best Types of Retaining Wall Panels


Discover the different types of retaining walls with the cheapest, strongest, and easiest solutions across materials and installation that can best support your next construction project.   Whether building a bridge, ramp or underground cellar, all infrastructure within sloped gradients must provide adequate construction to support your structure while withstanding the weight of the landscape.

Waterproofing in construction - Hickman & Love

The Importance of Waterproofing in Building Construction


Discover why waterproofing in construction is an essential protective measure to comply with health and safety regulations alongside the structural quality of your building.  Too much water absorption inside a concrete construction environment can create a fire and ice-like situation for builders and property developers alike. Not only is it miserable to work in the rain, but heavy downpours or leaks on-site can create severe problems with the final surface strength of your concrete construction.

Steel reinforcement - Hickman & Love

10 Custom Steel Reinforcement Products Which Enhance Concrete Construction


Discover the steel reinforcement products and tools that help create the most unique and innovative custom concrete construction designs. From custom steel bars, formwork and mesh, read all about it in this blog. Concrete has become synonymous with construction for its durability, versatility, and value for money, making it the most common construction material in the world.

RSJ Beams

A guide to RSJ Beams


From size to cost and project management insights, learn about RSJ beams in this blog to ensure a cost-effective, efficient, and safe construction process. RSJ beams and girders are an undeniable staple of steel construction and have helped establish and sustain entire cityscapes worldwide.

Tying Wire - Hickman & Love

What is the Best Tying Wire for Rebar?


Discover the best tie wire for your concrete construction project inside this blog, as we discuss rebar tying wire definitions with application instructions and a full product list. Reinforcement steel bars or mesh are only as secure as the tie wire fastening them together.

Reinforcement bar - Hickman & Love

What is a Reinforcement Bar?


The best concrete construction is nothing without reinforced steel. Explore reinforcement bar types, sizes, and weights to find the right rebar for your next project.    Many of us might look at concrete structures and only consider the concrete without appreciating the required reinforcement.

Concrete spacer - hickman & love

The Best Types of Concrete Spacers to Support Your Construction Requirements


Which type of concrete spacer best serves your structural needs? Discover our range of spacers suiting mesh and steel reinforcement bars alongside horizontal and vertical applications. Based on cost and performance, reinforced concrete has become the most commonly used composite construction material worldwide.

Expansion joint - Hickman & Love

What is an Expansion Joint, and Why Do You Need Them in Concrete?


Do you need concrete expansion joints for your next construction project? Discover the best types and products available to ensure the integrity of your structure.  Whenever working with concrete, it’s vital to understand its altering condition and how that may affect the structural integrity of your construction.

B785 mesh reinforcement - Hickman & Love

What is B785 Mesh, and is it Right for Your Project?


Discover why B785 mesh is a popular concrete reinforcement solution for commercial, domestic, and industrial-size projects.  Concrete construction owes its modern industry advance to reinforcement mesh and other reinforcement techniques.