What is the Best Tying Wire for Rebar?

  • 27.07.23
  • Construction Products

Discover the best tie wire for your concrete construction project inside this blog, as we discuss rebar tying wire definitions with application instructions and a full product list.

Reinforcement steel bars or mesh are only as secure as the tie wire fastening them together.

Enter rebar tying wire, a simple fastening product with a huge significance in quality concrete construction. And with a market value of $951.1 million in 2022 forecast to reach $1176.7 million in 2029, there is no shortage of demand.

In this blog, we discuss definitions for rebar tie wire, what you should look for, tying instructions and everything else you need to know.

Discover the correct tie wire for your concrete construction project alongside tying wire application instructions, features and a full product list.

Tying Wire - Hickman & Love

What is Tying Wire?

Tying wire, or “rebar tie wire” is used in construction and is typically made from steel or iron. Available in different gauges, the tie wire’s purpose is fastening reinforcement bars or rebar.

By securing the steel reinforcement bars in place during construction, the rebar doesn’t move when concrete gets poured. Therefore, tie wire is crucial in holding the desired rebar structure in place during the construction process, assuring the stability and strength of your concrete structure remains of the highest quality to serve stability and longevity to your project.

Types of structures where tie wire gets applied include concrete foundations, columns, and walls.

How to Find the Best Rebar Tying Wire

To make sure you find the ideal rebar tie wire for your requirements, you need to consider the following elements:


The ideal material for rebar tying wire will be made from steel or iron to provide the necessary strength and durability to secure the reinforcement.

Reinforcement steel is heavy and used in large, industrial-scale construction like tower blocks and bridges. Other wire materials such as string, plastic or twine do not have the required strength to hold the rebar securely while the concrete gets poured.


Guage simply refers to the thickness of the rebar wire used to fasten heavy reinforcement steel bars or mesh. As a general rule in construction, you want a rebar tie wire thickness between 16-18 gauge. A 17 gauge strikes a good balance between the correct strength and flexibility for speedy tying ease.

Industry Standards and Regulations

With the correct material and gauge in mind, before investing in your rebar tie wire, you should ensure your provider has the industry regulations for the wire to comply with construction projects.

For example, shuttering workers in the UK should implement BS 4449:2005 standards that include:

– Correct steel regulations for concrete reinforcement.
– Weldable reinforcing steel specifications.
– Bar, coil and decoiled product compliance.

The BS 4449:2005 standards are relevant to manufacturers of weldable reinforcing steel and structural/civil engineers in guiding designations, steelmaking and manufacturing processes.


Some rebar tying wire is available with a coating like stainless steel to provide additional protection against corrosion. If your structure is likely to withstand harsh environmental conditions, we suggest investing in coated rebar tie wire to sustain the integrity of your structure lasts longer.

Tool Compatibility

Finally, with the best rebar-tying wire for your construction project, you want to ensure you have the right tools to hand to tie the wire effectively. Standard wire tools or pliers are available to tie the wire easily. Other tools include automatic rebar-tying machines such as electric rebar-tying handheld tools.

How to Tie Rebar Wire

Here is a step-by-step process for how to tie rebar wire effectively:

1. Position your rebar in the desired location within the formwork.

2. Cut the rebar tie wire to the correct length to wrap around the reinforcement steel.

3. Hold the tie wire at the rebar intersection and make sure it’s secure during tying.

4. With pliers or a wire twister tying tool, wrap the rebar tie wire tightly around the rebar intersection.

5. Once wrapped, twist the ends together firmly to secure the tie. Use pliers to grip the connection tightly for extra strength.

6. Trim any excess wire with your pliers for a neater finish.

But, as mentioned, electric rebar wire tying tools are available to automate the process, granting the user greater ease, speed and convenience. During your tying process, it’s vital to check the wire is secured tightly across every intersection to guarantee the structural integrity of your project.

How Much Tie Wire per Ton of Rebar Do I Need?

The amount of tie wire to fasten a tonne of rebar is 9-13kg. You can calculate different amounts using the same calculation but rounding to 100kg. For example, the tying wire needed for 100kg rebar is 0.9-1.3kg.

If you’re unsure of the tie wire amount needed to secure your concrete reinforcement, consult an industry specialist.

Invest in the Best Rebar-Tying Wire for Your Project

At Hickman & Love, we provide the following rebar-tying wire suitable for all manners of reinforcement concrete construction:

Tying Wire

Material: Stainless steel
Size specifications:

– TW172 – 17 Gauge 2kg.
– TW17 – 17 Guage 12kg.
– T218SS – 18 Guage 25kg.

Alongside the tying wire, we also provide the following tools to assist with your rebar wire tying tasks:

Knipex 200mm Cobolt® Compact Bolt Cutters with Sprung Handles
Knipex 200mm Cobolt® Compact 20° Angled Head Bolt Cutters with Sprung Handles
Knipex 140mm High Leverage End Cutting Nippers
Knipex 160mm End Cutting Nippers
Knipex Reinforced Concrete 950mm Wire Cutters
Tying Tool
Knipex 460mm Bolt Cutters
Knipex 200mm Extra High Leverage End Cutting Nippers
Knipex 220mm Steel Fixers/Concreting Nipper
Knipex 250mm High Leverage Concreter Nippers

All these tools are manufactured to ISO 9242 specifications from superior steel, oil-hardened, and tempered with high-quality ground law faces.

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