Bar Reinforcement

Steel Boot 500mm x 500mm

Size: 500mm x 500mm
Weight: 0kg

Steel Boot 600mm x 600mm

Size: 600mm x 600mm
Weight: 0kg

Steel Boot 700mm x 700mm

Size: 700mm x 700mm
Weight: 0kg

Steel Boot 800mm x 800mm

Size: 800mm x 800mm
Weight: 0kg

Steel U Bar 100mm x 600mm

Size: 100mm x 600mm
Weight: 0kg

Steel U Bar 200mm x 600mm

Size: 200mm x 600mm
Weight: 0kg

Steel U Bar 150mm x 600mm

Size: 150mm x 600mm
Weight: 0kg

Steel U Bar 250mm x 600mm

Size: 250mm x 600mm
Weight: 0kg

Steel Bar T8

Size: Steel Bar T8
Weight: 1kg

Fence Post Reinforcement

Size: Fence Post Reinforcement
Weight: kg

Steel Bar T10

Size: Steel Bar T10
Weight: 1kg

Steel Bar T12

Size: Steel Bar T12
Weight: 1kg

Steel Bar T16

Size: Steel Bar T16
Weight: 1kg

Steel Bar T20

Size: Steel Bar T20
Weight: 1kg

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Bar Reinforcement

Hickman & Love is a leading stockist of steel reinforcement bars which are a vital component in the creation of concrete structures.

While concrete is strong enough to withstand natural compression forces, tension forces can cause it to crack. Fortunately, reinforcing steel bars bind with the concrete to give it added strength and resilience. The rigid texture of the steel bars helps the concrete mixture take hold and will increase the strength of your structure.

At Hickman & Love we can manufacture, stock and supply all your steel bar needs. From the T12 steel bar or the T16, get in touch with us and our highly trained staff will help you make the right choice for your project.

We sell a variety of steel boots, steel square bars, steel L shaped bars and U bars, all of which come in a range of sizes including T8, T10, T12 and T16. Our steel bars are available in three metres, four metres, six metres and one ton. But we can also cater for other size requirements. Just contact us for further details.

Steel bar reinforcements are commonly used in the creation of large concrete structures like dams and multi-storey car parks. However, before reinforced bars became the norm in construction, concrete was used to create a number of important structures including the Hoover Dam and the Roman Pantheon. The Pantheon is in fact the largest unreinforced concrete dome in the world.

Hickman & Love is a respected supplier and manufacturer of reinforcing bar products. If you have any questions about our range of products, please feel free to get in touch by calling +44 (0)121-557-2191 . Alternatively you can email enquiries@hickmanandlove.co.uk