The Best Types of Concrete Spacers to Support Your Construction Requirements

  • 23.04.23
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Which type of concrete spacer best serves your structural needs? Discover our range of spacers suiting mesh and steel reinforcement bars alongside horizontal and vertical applications.

Based on cost and performance, reinforced concrete has become the most commonly used composite construction material worldwide.

But providing the ideal formwork line in concrete cover thickness relies on the correct positioning of concrete spacers. In this blog, discover the different types of concrete spacers to see which best suits your concrete construction or structural needs.

Which type of concrete spacer best serves your needs? Discover our range of options for mesh and steel bars alongside horizontal and vertical applications.

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What Are Concrete Spacers?

Concrete spacers are small concrete blocks or bars designed to support heavy reinforcement mesh, rebar and concrete. The role of spacers is essential in fixing the steel reinforcements into the mould before helping prevent movement during concreting.

Spacers come in various sizes, shapes and materials. But the strength of the concrete spacer should always be equivalent to the neighbouring concrete with the same expansion characteristics.

Concrete spacers will prop up your reinforcement and separate from the formwork to ensure your rebar is secured correctly and unmoved during concreting.

Depending on where you are in the world, regulations will set the necessary standards for the concrete cover thickness that your spacer must oblige. Any rebar or reinforcement mesh for your concrete must be embedded to the correct depth as specified by industry standards.

Essentially, the job of concrete spacers is to guarantee the concrete cover to the reinforcement of your construction or structure is achieved. Concrete spacers are commonly used for building concrete walls, foundations and columns.

3 Benefits of Concrete Spacers

Here are some benefits of concrete spacers compared to other material spacers like plastic bar chairs:

  1. Strength

Concrete spacers have become the go-to due to their strength to withstand the intense weight of large reinforcement steel and concrete. Therefore, concrete spacer blocks or bars can hold incredible weights without being crushed or displaced.

  1. Accuracy

Often used for large construction projects like road works, concrete spacers must manage heavy rebar with a thick diameter. It needs to hold the correct height between the ground surface and reinforcement, despite the immense weight and severity of the structural integrity.

  1. Temperature Resistant and Permeable Resilience

While showcasing high compressive strength and accurate concrete cover capabilities, concrete spacers will suffer no deformation when exposed to hot or cold temperatures.

Through impermeable properties, the concrete spacer will also ensure no hairline cracks between the spacer and the concrete.

What Are the Different Types of Concrete Spacers?

You can determine your type of concrete spacer on the required size of the cover depth in conjunction with the reinforcement alongside the environmental conditions, durability, fire resistance and structural design.

Concrete Spacers for Mesh

We recommend the maximum spacing for concrete mesh spacers to be 750mm, with a minimum of two spacers per m2.

Concrete Spacers for Steel Bars

We suggest placing concrete spacers for single steel rebar no more than one meter apart. The rebar placement should be in a grid pattern with a spacing between bars of 12 inches. All concrete spacers should be placed under the rebar to ensure the concrete remains centred.

Concrete Spacers for Horizontal Applications

There are two concrete spacer types to choose from when attempting a horizontal concrete cover:

Concrete Bar Spacers

Concrete square bars or bar spacers are ideal for horizontal concrete cover projects, supporting mesh or rebar across various applications with high compressive strength and chemical resistance.

All concrete bar spacers should be placed every half square meter and offer to cover more surface area than other concrete spacer types. At Hickman & Love, we supply square bar concrete spacers in the following sizes:

– CB25 25mm Cover
– CB30 30mm Cover
– CB40 40mm Cover
– CB50 50mm Cover
– CB60 60mm Cover
– CB75 75mm Cover
– CB100 100mm Cover

All our concrete bar spacers are manufactured to bond well with concrete and produce no cracks when the concrete dries.

Single-Cover Concrete Spacers

With solid support for horizontal concrete reinforcement structures, single-cover concrete spacers have a thick base to improve stability. Hickman & Love provides single-cover concrete spacers in the following sizes:

– C20 – 20mm (Qty 1000)
– C25 – 25mm (Quantity 500)
– C30 – 30mm (Quantity 250)
– C35 – 35mm (Quantity 250)
– C40 – 40mm (Quantity 250)
– C50 – 50mm (Quantity 200)
– C60 – 60mm (Quantity 200)
– C75 – 75mm (Quantity 125)
– CS100 – 100mm (Quantity 50)

With a minimum concrete strength of 40N/mm2, single-cover concrete spacers are suitable for reinforcement steel and mesh.

Concrete Spacers for Horizontal and Vertical Applications

If you’re interested in a more versatile concrete spacer that can provide concrete horizontally and vertically, then we recommend double-cover concrete spacers:

Double-Cover Concrete Spacer

As strong as the surrounding concrete and reinforcement tasked with supporting, double-cover concrete spacers are ideal for horizontal and vertical applications. We provide double-cover concrete solutions in various sizes:

– C2530 – 25-30mm (Quantity 500)
– C3040 – 30-40mm (Quantity 250)
– C4050 – 40-50mm (Quantity 200)
– C6075 – 60-75mm (Quantity 50)

With the same expansion characteristics as concrete, double-cover concrete spacers will bold superbly to the concrete and secure the structural integrity that your construction requires.

Concrete Spacers for Horizontal and Vertical Applications

Finally, we end with our spacer ideal for vertical application:

Triple-Cover Concrete Spacer

By minimising contact with any formwork, triple-cover concrete spacers are ideal for vertical concrete cover projects. Hickman & Love stocks triple-cover concrete spacers in the following sizes:

– C202530 20 – 25-30mm (Quantity 500)
– C354050 35 – 40-50mm (Quantity 200)
– C455560 45 – 55-60mm (Quantity 125)

Our triple-cover concrete spacer design enables the concrete to flow with minimal spacer area at the surface.

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