10 Custom Steel Reinforcement Products Which Enhance Concrete Construction

  • 23.10.23
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Discover the steel reinforcement products and tools that help create the most unique and innovative custom concrete construction designs. From custom steel bars, formwork and mesh, read all about it in this blog.

Concrete has become synonymous with construction for its durability, versatility, and value for money, making it the most common construction material in the world.

However, behind that reliable and sturdy density lies the all-important steel reinforcement that provides its overall tensile strength.

In this blog, we discuss the dynamism behind custom concrete construction and what components help provide structures of all sizes and designs with the essential integrity they need to stand strong.

Discover our collection of steel reinforcement products and tools to inspire innovative and custom concrete construction designs.

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The Nature of Bespoke Concrete Design

The versatility of concrete makes it able to mould to any shape, making the saying “one size doesn’t fit all” particularly prevalent across the construction industry.

Connotations of concrete construction can bring associations of brutalist style buildings exemplified by tall rectangular grey blocks that spite the landscape.

But brutalism isn’t the only order of the day when it comes to custom concrete construction, where, due to the bespoke possibilities, all manner of styles and designs become achievable for architects and building designers.

Bespoke building designs built from reinforced concrete include masterpieces like the Santiago Calatrava Auditorium in Santa Cruz de Tenerife or Villa Saitan in Kyoto.

These iconic buildings and countless others demonstrate the creative potential custom concrete construction can offer. However, these distinctive structures would not be possible without the engineering of custom concrete formwork and steel reinforcement.

Because while concrete is easily mouldable, it still relies on bespoke steel reinforcement to provide the structural integrity required.

Let’s explore some of the essentials you need to enhance the form and appearance of your structure.

Custom Steel Reinforcement Products for Concrete Construction

Here is a list of custom steel reinforcement products that make bespoke concrete building projects possible:

Custom Rebar

Rebar or “reinforcement bar” can come in various shapes and sizes to suit specific concrete construction purposes:

1. Custom Steel Bar

Large steel bars for concrete reinforcement suiting commercial and domestic projects. The standard forms are categorized with “T” (signifying tensile strength) and a number that reveals the width in millimetres, such as “T8”, “T12” or “T20”.

However, custom rebar steel bars can be fabricated bespoke to specific widths and lengths to meet your exact construction requirements.

2. Custom Stainless-Steel Bar

Like standard steel bars, stainless steel bars are customisable for general bar reinforcement or HeliBars and Dowel bar designs.

A HeliBar is a helical stainless-steel bar that supports masonry structures as a crucial component of Helibeam systems.

On the other hand, Dowel bars help transfer loads across concrete joints and are an ideal reinforcement method used on pavements.

3. Custom Steel Boot

Steel boot rebar provides a dual L-shaped bar, overlapping through the centre for smaller custom concrete construction projects.

The unique shape of steel boot typically comes in standard even-sided sizes between 500mm x 500mm up to 800mm x 800mm, but bespoke alterations are available across boot length and width.

4. Custom Steel Square Bar

Available on request, steel square bars can be manufactured to specific sizes to best meet the ideal reinforcement requirements of your custom concrete construction project.

5. Custom Steel L Shape Bar

Unlike the steel boot, steel L-shaped bars consist of a singular bar shaped like an “L”. L-shaped bars provide an angle and are applied across various applications in industries like construction, manufacturing and engineering.

6. Custom Steel U Bar

Steel U bars help stop concrete from slipping under stress and movements by providing a better bond with the concrete.

7. Custom Steel Mesh

Steel mesh is widely used across the construction industry to reinforce concrete structures such as slabs, roads, ramps, car parks and general foundations.

There are many standardised sizes available that vary in suitability across small domestic projects or larger commercial construction enterprises.

However, if you have a specific measurement required for your construction requirements, you can receive custom steel mesh that meets the bill.

8. Custom Prefabricated Steel Cages

Prefabricated steel cages can be bespoke built to provide reinforcement solutions across supporting loads, secondary reinforcement for durability in localised areas and resistance for spreading the concentration of larger loads across a wider area.

While the prefabrication element ensures multiple standardised sizes are available, like all other custom rebar products, steel cages get fabricated bespoke to meet your specific measurements.

9. Bespoke RSJ Beams

Rolled steel joist (RSJ) beams are another essential reinforcement solution providing lightweight, sturdy and reliable structural integrity for your custom concrete construction requirements. RSJ beams are available in bespoke sizes to meet your needs.

10. Custom Concrete Formwork

The process of concrete reinforcement, otherwise known as “shuttering,” has multiple custom concrete formwork methods available as temporary or permanent.

Alongside the various formwork accessories and systems, you have custom concrete formwork materials like timber, plywood, steel, aluminium and plastic that can all be made to satisfy numerous sizes and dimensions.

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