What is B785 Mesh, and is it Right for Your Project?

  • 14.08.22
  • Structural & Construction

Discover why B785 mesh is a popular concrete reinforcement solution for commercial, domestic, and industrial-size projects. 

Concrete construction owes its modern industry advance to reinforcement mesh and other reinforcement techniques.

As a member of the reinforcement mesh family, B785 mesh has unique specifications that define its dimensions and overall popularity with builders and civil engineers alike.

Discover what makes B785 a sought-after reinforcement mesh with official sizes, weights, and industry requirements.

Discover why B785 mesh is a popular concrete reinforcement solution for commercial, domestic, and industrial-size projects.

B785 mesh reinforcement - Hickman & Love

What Is B785 Mesh?

B785 is a popular mid-range structural reinforcement mesh used primarily for concrete construction. Steel reinforcement mesh is used throughout construction projects where a specific amount of flexibility is required.

Without reinforcement mesh, creating stable and reliable structures from concrete would be impossible. Builders immerse the mesh into concrete, where the concrete grips the ribbed reinforcing bars to create a solid structure.

As a structural mesh, B785 is different to “square” or “long” mesh forms. The crucial reinforcement of a B785 mesh occurs in one direction, while square meshes differ by providing equal reinforcement on both sides.

B785 is similar to B503 mesh with identical specifications across longitudinal and transverse wires. Each reinforcement mesh contains:

– The nominal pitch of longitudinal wires – 200mm
– The nominal pitch of transverse wires – 100mm

Where each mesh differs is the diameter of the longitudinal wires in B785 mesh has a greater diameter than the transverse wires:

– B785 longitudinal wires diameter – 10mm
– B785 transverse wires diameter – 8mm

Reinforcement mesh can be used to form and strengthen a variety of commercial and domestic concrete structures.

Now, let’s explore the best uses for B785, along with official dimensions, weight and legal regulations.

What Is B785 Mesh Used For?

As a common mid-range reinforcement structural mesh, you can use B785 as a fabric for concrete slabs, walls, and other core structural components.

By simply encasing the mesh within the concrete, B785 improves the structural strength and rigidity of your construction. While the coefficient similarity in both steel and concrete ensures both elements expand and fluctuate at an equal rate to not cause cracking.

For its versatility and reliability as a reinforcement mesh, B785 is often used in medium to heavy-duty concrete projects, such as another popular choice in the form of A393 mesh. Therefore, B785 mesh is a suitable concrete reinforcement solution for commercial, civil engineering and domestic projects.

As a heavy-duty product, we strongly recommend anyone looking to work with this type of reinforcement mesh must have at least one other person on hand to help. If you’re looking for a lighter-weight steel mesh solution, perhaps try A142 reinforcement mesh instead.

B785 Mesh Legal Requirements

As an electro-welded mesh conforming to BS 4483:2005 specifications, requirements demand that B785 mesh delivers British Standards issued by the Authority of the Standards Policy and Strategy Committee

“All steel fabric conforming to this standard is to be made using ribbed bar consisting with BS 4449:2005.”

Any manufacturers of B785 mesh must comply with required UK standards and specifications for domestic and commercial construction projects.

Hickman & Love is a proud Cares accredited company with official British Pre-Cast membership, ensuring all our steel reinforcement products fulfil the official standards and specifications required by law.

B785 Mesh Size, Weight, and Thickness

The standard size, weight, and thickness for B785 mesh include the following specifications:

– Main wires – 10mm
– Cross wires – 8mm
– Mesh size – 200mm x 100mm
– Weight – 8.14kg/M2

Product size and weight for B785 mesh:

– Size – 4800mm x 2400mm
– Weight – 93.77kg

B785 mesh is manufactured from welded wire fabric or prefabricated steel reinforcement material.

How Much Does B785 Reinforcement Mesh Cost?

The price for B785 reinforcement mesh depends on the manufacturer and the quantity you wish to purchase.

You can expect to pay an average of between £150-£250 per sheet of B785. However, most manufacturers deliver a price on request.

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