Is A393 Mesh the Right Reinforcement Mesh for My Project?

  • 22.03.22
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A393 mesh is one of the most popular types of reinforcement mesh on the market, but is it the perfect choice for your project? Discover everything you need to know in this blog.

Reinforcement mesh is a popular and versatile reinforcement product used widely across the construction industry.

Since it was first developed in 1849 by the French gardener Joseph Monier, steel reinforcement mesh has become an integral component of the construction industry. In 2018, the UK produced over 295,000 metric tonnes of reinforcement steel bars and mesh.

Reinforcement mesh works as a rebar steel fabric, reinforcing concrete structures to increase rigidity with tensile and lateral strength. In construction, we commonly see reinforcement mesh applied to various concrete structures such as walls, slabs and roads. One of the most common reinforcement mesh types is A393.

Discover why A393 mesh is widely applied across heavy-duty industrial concreting construction projects and whether it’s the right type of reinforcing mesh for you.

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What Is A393 Mesh Used For?

A393 reinforcement mesh is a popular form of steel fabric known for its tensile strength and is used across construction for various heavy-duty applications. A393 mesh is frequently applied to:

Concrete slabs, Roads, Ramps, Car parks and Foundations

A393 reinforcement has a standard thickness of 200mm and can be applied in single or double layers. A393 is a popular specification used by qualified structural engineers throughout the UK for various heavy-duty construction applications.

As the mesh is immersed by concrete, the strength of the structure increases with rigidity and flexibility. Despite concrete structures being solid, they must allow for a certain amount of bend without becoming cracked and damaged. Whether that’s strong winds blowing against bridges or multiple cars travelling along roads, the concrete must withstand extreme amounts of pressures and weights for essential safety purposes.

The steel mesh reinforcement is also effective because it has a functional-coefficient thermal expansion to concrete, allowing the steel and concrete to expand in tandem during temperature fluctuations.

All in all, A393 mesh supports the concrete to remain strong, durable and flexible. It doesn’t crack under pressure from external forces, such as the weather or other exterior disturbances. By combining A393 reinforced steel mesh with the compression of concrete, you can form a highly durable structure.

Therefore, A393 mesh is widely applied to heavy industrial concreting across various construction projects and applications.

If you’re more in need of a reinforcement mesh fabric for lighter duty concreting, such as foundations with a depth of 100mm, then the ideal steel fabric is A142 reinforcement mesh.

However, if you need a medium grade reinforcement mesh, you should consider either a B1131 or a B503 reinforcement mesh, both known commonly as the ‘Structural Mesh’.

What’s A393 Mesh Size?

The standard A393 mesh size is 4.8m (4800mm) x 2.4m (2400mm) with a weight of 70.96kg. This larger standard size explains why A393 is well suited to heavy-duty industrial projects.

However, sizes for A393 mesh can vary depending on the manufacturer. To be sure of the quality of the product, always check if the provider is an accredited source for A393 mesh. For example, are they a member of the British Precast or MPA organisation?

The various dimensions and component specifications for A393 mesh measure as:

Main wires – 10mm
Cross wires – 10 mm
Mesh size – 200mm x 200mm
Weight – 6.16kg

You should also check if the A393 mesh is accredited with UK CARES certificates in Product Conformity Certification and Quality Management System Certification.

What’s the Price for A393 Mesh?

A393 mesh prices will vary, depending on the sheet size and can fluctuate. Here is an average estimation, please note these are not our prices:

4m x 1.2m – £35
6m x 2m – £80
8m x 2.4m – £120

As standard, a good reinforcement mesh provider should price you on request. For an accurate quotation please contact us.

Quality Assured A393 Mesh Providers

Hickman & Love are proud providers of quality, high-performance A393 reinforcement mesh. Since 1948, our family-run business has served the UK and Ireland with the finest steel products.

You can find A393 mesh within our versatile product range and trusted steel stocklist. Our accreditations include CARES, CPSA, MPA British Precast membership. All products listed are welded by highly trained staff, using the latest steel fabrication techniques.

If you need a hand choosing the right amount of A393 mesh for your project or support determining which type of reinforcement mesh to use, get in touch with us.

For further information or to order please call +44 (0)121-557-2191 or email enquiries@hickmanandlove.co.uk we look forward to hearing from you. Or like us on Facebook to keep up to date with projects and news.


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