The Best Construction Tools and equipment for Commercial Projects in 2020

  • 27.01.20
  • Construction Tools

Discover the best construction tools and equipment all builders, landscapers and contractors need for any commercial structural and groundwork projects in 2020.

When it comes to starting any commercial construction project, it’s imperative that you have the right tools for the job.

Failing to stock up now can not only cause delays and a lack of efficiency, but it can also jeopardise the safety of your employees too. Is that something you’re willing to risk?

With this in mind, here are a handful of the best construction tools and equipment you must add to your shopping list in 2020. And the best news of all is that they’re all available to buy from Hickman & Love.

“Failing to stock up now can not only cause delays and a lack of efficiency, but it can also jeopardise the safety of your employees too. Is that something you’re willing to risk?"

1600W 230V 15KG Breaker - Hickman & Love

1600W 230V 15kg Breaker

Concrete breakers can be hit or miss at times, especially when they’re being used all day long on big commercial construction projects. Poor quality ones often break quite easily, which causes unwanted downtime and a delay in project delivery times.

The beauty of the 1600W 230V 15kg Breaker is that it combines quality and practicality. From the output side of things, this concrete breaker is capable of delivering an impressive 45 joules of force and is made from robust metal. It’s ideal for breaking tarmac driveways, paths and smashing large concrete slabs.

As well as coming with a whole host of chisels and accessories, the handy heavy-duty carry case makes this 15KG Breaker simple to transport – which is particularly important in protecting the health and wellbeing of your team.

Construction Tools and equipment -Hickman & Love

160L Cement Mixer (230V)

One of the most important pieces of equipment to invest in when completing a major construction project is a quality cement mixer.

Unlike many other smaller machines which can’t contain a whole bag of cement, this one can. To be precise, the large 160L drum capacity provides enough room to accommodate a whole 25kg bag of cement or five bags of sand. Pair this with its highly effective IP45 rated 230V motor and you’re bound to save a lot of time usually spent prepping the mix.

In terms of quality, this cement mixer is built to an exceptionally high standard, with a robust removable stand for ease of use. It’s ideal for builders and tradesman laying large amounts of concrete.

Metal Tray Contractors Wheelbarrow 85L - Hickman & Love

Metal Tray Contractors Wheelbarrow 85L

Transporting heavy bits of equipment and materials around all day can become draining and increase the risk of injuries.

The Metal Tray Contractors Wheelbarrow is one of the most reliable solutions, with a steel-rimmed wheel fitted with a pneumatic 350mm tyre for a smoother ride.

Plus, its huge 85-litre capacity helps store more to cut down on journeys from A to B.

Fibreglass Shaft Sledge Hammer - Hickman & Love

Expert 6.4kg Fibreglass Shaft Sledgehammer

Our final essential construction tool for commercial projects in 2020 is the Expert 6.4kg Fibreglass Shaft Sledgehammer.

Beautifully forged from fine grain carbon steel that’s hardened and tempered with a polished head, this sledgehammer is an impressive piece of kit to have on-site.

Its fibreglass shaft is fitted with comfortable shock-absorbing rubber grip, which helps to reduce the likelihood of any unwanted injuries and keeps the shock on impact to a minimum for a more pleasant experience.

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