What Are Prefabricated Rebar Cages and Why Do You Need Them?

  • 20.05.22
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Prefabricated rebar cages are a versatile, quick, and reliable source for reinforcing concrete structures. This guide to prefabricated rebar cages provides in-depth properties, uses, and why we need it for modern construction.

Reinforced concrete is a central element in the construction industry. For a little perspective, the UK has produced between 300,000 and 450,000 metric tonnes year on year since 2009.

Due to the convenience, flexibility and efficiency of rebar cages being made to fit different sizes and configurations, they are very popular in construction.

But, before we dive into the properties and uses, what exactly is a prefabricated rebar cage?

Discover all about prefabricated rebar cages with this comprehensive guide. Learn the various properties, uses, and how they are made, from rebar cage assembly to construction.

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What Is a Prefabricated Rebar Cage?

Prefabricated rebar cages play an essential role in the construction industry through one simple function, reinforcing concrete.

A prefabricated rebar cage consists of ribbed bars spaced equally across the outside of a cylinder. These longitudinal bars are reinforced with steel through welds, ties, steel wires or clamps.

Once the cage is exact, you pour in the concrete to fit the intended structure. The cage or lattice is designed slightly smaller to allow for ample coverage. This coverage is crucial as it enables the cage to stay within the concrete, not at the edge.

For safe and effective construction and excavation, the design of the rebar cage must be exact to accommodate for the specific strain and weight of its intended purpose. You can also find other features belonging to prefabricated rebar cages that help place, measure or lift the cage, such as:

  • Hoops
  • Guides
  • Stiffeners
  • Pickup devices

Ultimately, ‘rebar’ can be defined as reinforcement. By using a rebar cage, you are reinforcing a structure with greater tensile strength and allowing it to move and bend without the concrete cracking.

‘Prefabricated’ applies to a rebar cage assembly manufactured on mass under factory conditions before being delivered on-site ready for construction.

What Are Prefabricated Rebar Cages Used For?

A prefabricated rebar cage can have many uses in construction, from reinforcing concrete ramps to hotel blocks. Here are the main uses of rebar cages:

– Provide primary reinforcement with resistance and support to various design loads
– Supply secondary reinforcement for durability and localised resistance
– Aesthetic purposes
– Resistance for spreading the concentration of larger loads across a wider area
– Support steel bars by holding them in place to assist larger loads
– Provide external steel tie bars to support masonry construction, such as building conservation

Prefabricated rebar cages are commonly applied below structures underground, such as in drilled shaft construction, where rebar cages are used to make concrete piers.

However, rebar cages can be created to support concrete of all designs, from bridges and roads to skyscrapers and buildings. Where concrete constructions require adequate reinforcement to support the longevity and safety of the structure, rebar cages always have a vital part to play.

The Benefits of Prefabricated Rebar Cages

Companies save time, effort and money when ordering preestablished rebar cages to reinforce their concrete structures. Here are the main benefits of prefabricated rebar cages:

Time is an important factor in construction, with an overall higher priority than cost. Prefabricated rebar cages enable parallel working on different areas of a building project.

The quality of prefabricated rebar cages is generally higher when pre-made, as opposed to made on-site. Due to a lack of human error, the standards and consistencies tend to be higher in prefabricated conditions.

With prefabricated rebar cages are made off-site, safety is higher compared to on-site. The controlled environment of the factory or plant offers a consistent setting to construct the cages, rather than sporadically on site.

Invest in Prefabricated Rebar Cages

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