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The Bolt Cracker


The Bolt Cracker is an innovative new invention designed to maximize holding down bolt movement. It provides a simple, easy to install, safe and cost effective solution to a very common problem within the construction process.

The Bolt Cracker clips on to the head of the bolt and tightens up to the base plate giving a solid tight seal.

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Product CodeSizePrice
BC2020mm (Qty 100)£96.75
BC2424mm (Qty 100)£99.00

Once ordered and paid for we deliver items within 24 hours. Please see our help and advice page for further information with regards to our delivery process.

  • Guaranteed full  movement inside the cone.
  • No damage to bolt head or thread during stripping stage.
  • No induced stress or failure to bolts.
  • Better quality, reduces time, increase productivity.
  • Easy to line steel frame.
  • Eliminates manual handling risks, vibration and chemical contact contained within other options.
The Bolt Cracker