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Snake Spacers - Hickman & Love
Snake Spacers - Hickman & Love
Snake Spacers - Hickman & Love

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Snake Spacers

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We now have the pleasure of introducing the new ZZ Wire Snake Spacer. This new Snake Spacer includes all positive characteristics from our existing wire spacers, now combined into one product.

For further information or to order our Snake Spacers please call +44 (0)121-557-2191 or email enquiries@hickmanandlove.co.uk we look forward to hearing from you.

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Product CodeSize
SS02ZZ. 60mm
SS03ZZ. 70mm
SS04ZZ-DBV. 80mm
SS05ZZ-DBV. 90mm
SS06ZZ-DBV. 100mm
SS07ZZ-DBV. 110mm
SS08ZZ-DBV. 120mm
SS09ZZ-DBV. 130mm
SS10ZZ-DBV. 140mm
SS11ZZ-DBV. 150mm
SS12ZZ-DBV. 160mm
SS13ZZ-DBV. 180mm
SS14ZZ-DBV. 200mm
SS15ZZ-DBV. 220mm
SS16ZZ-DBV. 240mm
SS17ZZ-DBV. 260mm
SS18ZZ-DBV. 280mm
SS19ZZ-DBV. 300mm
SS20ZZ-DBV. 320mm
  • Quality – Fixed and constant wire thickness throughout each height resulting in a very strong spacer.
  • Speed – Very Fast to lay out due to the snake shape, and unlike circular wire spacers, no tying is required.
  • Advantages – No protruding wires, allowing easy sliding of mesh, and no damage to polythene membrane.
  • Packaging – As the snake spacer is staced nested in means 40% less volume. A pallet of 50mm has 4800 metres per pallet.
  • Stock – Available from 50mm to 200mm and on request from 210mm to 400mm.

Once ordered and paid for we will get in touch with regards to delivery times. Please contact us for further information with regards to our delivery process.

Snake Spacers