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Pre-Fabricated Cage 400 X 400


Pre-Fabricated Cage 400 X 400 is a fantastic, versatile product to use for your commercial or domestic construction project. The Pre-Fabricated Cage 400 X 400 is H grade high tensile steel reinforcement to BS4449/2005.

For further information or to order our Pre-Fabricated Cage 400 X 400 please call +44 (0)121-557-2191 or email enquiries@hickmanandlove.co.uk we look forward to hearing from you. Other size are available upon request.

Please note: If you have an Engineers Bar Bending Schedule or Drawings a member of our team can help.

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Product CodeSizePrice
PFC004T8 Links 16mm Bars£54.48
PFC005T10 Links 16mm Bars£63.76
PFC006T12 links 16mm Bars£75.19

Once ordered and paid for we will get in touch with regards to delivery times. Please contact us for further information with regards to our delivery process.

Pre-Fabricated Cage 400 X 400

400mm X 400mm - 300c/c (4M in length)