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Plastic Horse Shoe Shims

From £7.49

Our Plastic Horse Shoe Shims 70mm x 70mm are used to level or adjust alignment of steel plate and pre-cast concrete sections during construction. They are able to withstand heavy loads without breaking or distortion.

For further information or to order our Plastic Horse Shoe Shims 70mm x 70mm please call +44 (0)121-557-2191 or email enquiries@hickmanandlove.co.uk we look forward to hearing from you.

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Product CodeSizePrice
PHS001Thickness 2mm (Qty 250)£7.49
PHS002Thickness 3mm (Qty 250)£10.05
PHS003Thickness 5mm (Qty 250)£17.73
PHS004Thickness 7mm (Qty 125)£12.52
PHS005Thickness 9mm (Qty 125)£16.18

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Plastic Horse Shoe Shims

70mm x 70mm


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Plastic Shims 70mm x 70mm - Hickman & Love
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