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Expansion Joint Foam (Qty 100m)


Expansion Joint Foam is a closed cell polyethylene foam used as a joint filler, joint former, non-load transfer filler, grout check, stop-end, insulate and many more applications. It is compressible yet semi-rigid, strong and non absorbent. Our Joint Foam is light, clean and easy to use and it can be used on all normal building surfaces. It is highly resistant to most site   chemicals and oils with weathering and ozone resistance.

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Product CodeSizePrice
JF1010010 x 100mm£41.25
JF1014010 x 140mm£59.99
JF1015010 x 150mm£59.99
JF1020010 x 200mm£82.52
JF1022510 x 225mm£97.50
JF1210012 x 100mm£56.25
JF1215012 x 150mm£78.75
JF1217512 x 175mm£93.77
JF1220012 x 200mm£105.02
JF1225012 x 250mm£142.50
JF2010020 x 100mm£86.27
JF2015020 x 150mm£127.50
JF2017520 x 175mm£153.75
JF2020020 x 200mm£172.49
JF2022520 x 225mm£198.75
JF20250 20 x 250mm£228.77
JF2030020 x 300mm£255.00
JF2515025 x 150mm£161.27
JF25175 25 x 175mm£210.00
JF2520025 x 200mm£315.00
JF2522525 x 225mm£255.00
JF2525025 x 250mm£315.00

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Expansion Joint Foam (Qty 100m)