Different Types of Welded Mesh Finishes to Enhance Structural Integrity and Longevity

  • 20.04.24
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Discover the different types of welded mesh finishes to enhance the durability of your project, from galvanised welded mesh to stainless steel and PVC-coated.

Welded mesh has become indispensable across construction and landscaping by providing reliable, robust and long-lasting structural solutions for various projects.

But beyond the gridded structure itself, we can easily forget the importance of the mesh finish, in how it plays a crucial role in supporting the longevity of your structure while potentially adding an aesthetic appeal to its appearance.

In this blog, we’ll explore different types of welded mesh finishes to understand the best solution for your requirements.

Explore the various welded mesh finishes available to improve the durability of your project, including galvanised welded mesh, stainless steel, and PVC-coated options.

Welded mesh

What is Welded Mesh?

Welded mesh is a metal grid used for construction and landscaping purposes. Also known as “welded wire mesh” or “welded wire fabric”, welded mesh combines intersecting wires fused to create a prefabricated joined grid of parallel longitudinal frames.

From reinforcing concrete structures to providing intricate fencing designs, welded mesh offers incredible versatility and reliable structural integrity for numerous construction projects. Different types of welded steel mesh include:

In 2023, the welded mesh market hit $5.8 billion, potentially reaching $7.8 billion by 2023 at a CAGR of 2.5%. 

How to Weld Wire Mesh?

Welding wire mesh involves joining the intersecting wires or bars at the point of contact to create a robust and parallel grid structure. This process of welding mesh requires specialised machinery that performs electric fusion with precise dimensional control.

What is Welded Mesh Used For?

Inside or outdoors, welded mesh supports structures for varying purposes due to its strength and versatility.

For example, welded mesh often gets used as a cheaper fencing alternative in domestic environments. On an industrial scale, it can reinforce concrete in numerous areas, such as retaining wall panels used in large-scale construction projects.

Agriculturally, we see welded mesh used for gabion wall structures, helping to reinforce hillsides and control flood waters.

The various types of projects welded mesh can support include:

– Concrete reinforcement
– Construction projects
– Gabion walls
– Safety covers
– Fencing and cages
– Stairways
– Shelving
– Anti-theft screens
– Catwalks
– Fishing traps

Whether submerged in concrete to withstand tremendous forces or protecting properties from the outside, you can bolster the structural integrity of your welded mesh by applying the right finish that helps it resist corrosion and enhance aesthetics.

The Different Types of Welded Mesh Finishes

While the structural integrity of welded mesh is incredibly high, its longevity can increase by adding a finish to the surface of the mesh. Be it reinforcing concrete or resisting corrosion, choosing the correct mesh finish can be the difference in maintaining structural longevity for longer and improving outside appearance.

The types of welded mesh finish include:

1. Galvanised Welded Mesh
We define galvanised welded mesh as the process after fabrication where the mesh gets coated in a layer of zinc. This protective zinc layer shields the mesh from corrosion to resist rust and deterioration.

Therefore, galvanised welded mesh is ideal for outdoor applications where it can withstand harsh weather conditions. Plus, the shiny appearance of a galvanised steel mesh finish provides additional aesthetic benefits with a sleek and modern appearance.

Due to these benefits, the galvanised steel market continues to rise, with a value of $98.80 billion in 2023, expected to reach $166.09 billion by 2032.

2. Stainless Steel Welded Mesh
As a derivative of galvanised welded mesh, stainless steel mesh is the most superior mesh finish available on the market. This rank is due to its incredible strength, flexibility and corrosion resistance, making it an ideal choice for numerous applications.

Stainless steel welded mesh is also available in various styles, such as:

– Woven
– Dutch woven
– Wire
– Netting
– Panels

Like galvanised welded mesh, the stainless steel welded mesh market should increase in revenue with exponential market growth over the next decade.

3. PVC-Coated Welded Mesh
PVC-coated welded mesh is encapsulated with a layer of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) to provide a robust barrier against moisture, chemicals and abrasion. Without quite hitting the durability heights of galvanised/stainless steel welded mesh finishes, PVC-coated welded mesh is available in different colours for aesthetic purposes.

4. Painted Welded Mesh
Painted welded mesh offers a cost-effective solution and suits specific colour finish requirements. Plus, high-quality enamel and epoxy paints can be applied directly to the mesh surface and can still provide some corrosion protection.

However, achieving surface protection requires specific preparation and coating application for adhesion and longevity.

5. Natural Finish
Due to stainless steel or mild steel mesh developing unique patinas over time, it may suit your aesthetic incentives to leave your welded mesh with a natural finish.

Although natural mesh finishes do nothing in comparison to protect your mesh from corrosion, they can offer an authentic design element that could add character to your property and enhance other features.

Speak to Welded Mesh Specialists to Find Your Perfect Finish

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